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The first evidence that Ádám he not fake diploma.

Through my research I found in the Hungarian National Archives of the hungarian noble family Rajcsányi small archives.

Sixty-seven documents photographed. Recently, had red those documents. To my surprise, he wrote a Latin document lists the names of villages and farm and in the same order as Ivan Nagy in his book, Rajcsány, Zelecseny, Lipovmnok, Keth, Doboz, Luky, Berencs, Szeptencz Újfalu, Illés and Belez  Nitra fourth of places, IV. Béla hungarian king donated a beginning of the 13. century as a diploma dated donor to comes Bethlehem.

In the Rajcsány village history book, the Slovaks to provide that they said Ádám Rajcsányi had fake this diploma.

The documents referred to above, this is only one date is shown namely: 23. Decembris, Anno 1636 th.  The date before  name is Sophie Rajcsányi.
The above show that 1636 was officially allocated 4th. King Béla donor diploma. Ádám was born in 1698!

I think this is the first evidence that Ádám can not fake diploma. In the beginning I felt that He was falsely accused.

                                                                    Mihály Rajcsányi

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