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Our surname origin

The family name is ancient hungarian, "Ra", the word means sun-god. The old they knew that mountains and rivers of God's most favorite places of residence, so they used his name. In the Danish language, the word "Rar" means pleasant and it is possible to exist some relationship from the past.

Facts about family history

The family's website, the result of my very hard work as genealogy research from the year 1999. The story I have based on the book by Ivan Nagy to describe our ancestral family tree, but I have changed significantly since I've studied the new documents from archives and other historical data. Closest to overwork trying to balance around the neutral historians and not around the Kádár regime hatched historians. Honored exceptions, I must say that among these are many history counterfeiters. The Christian church, fanatically insists that the biblical story, the only true story and does not want to hear something to the Hungarian ancient history, though, steady emergence of new evidence and historical data up. The postcommunist regime has forcibly prevented the research of the Hungarian past history, but after the general election in spring 2010, I have great hope that we can freely investigate the Hungarian past history.

Our family history is equal to the Hungarian history. Then when we emigrated from Mezopotamia north, with other words, the elite has migrated in that direction, there were times when the Hungarians dominated the world from the Alps to the Japanese sea.

After the king has died out from the house of Árpád, we ancient Hungarians struggle inhumanly hard to survive. Other nationalities around us, step by step, which has conquered and destroyed everything we had. It is not a Christian group who have immigrated to our country in the last six hundred years, the underground activities stabbed us in the back with the other nationalities tried to remove everything that is ancient Hungarian. Here should be emphasized that most immigrants with honest work have been assimilated into Hungarian society. The group which claims to one of our famous forefathers have falsified history of the family, fabricated to degrade us.

History has also shown that our family genes are scattered around the world, involving talent, love, faith and pride.

Very few families in this country whose ancestors and now living members who have struggled so much poured so much blood for our country as our family.

                                                                                     Mihály Rajcsányi

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