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I'm John Rajcsányi the Jenő, then the Polgárdi of Rajcsányi-family. Olaszfaluban I live in a small village in the Bakony. Retired soldier, reaching the upper age limit /! / Went to rest. My wife Irénke Balatonkenese origin currently working in Veszprém patikájában hospital. Norbert elder son, also a soldier Várpalota. Family, a little girl is Réka. / see. Rajcsányi website: Tata /
Szabolcs younger son lives with us, a cook in Veszprém. The bride is. Father / John, 1926. / He died, my mother is still alive Polgárdin alone. Brother Charles lives in Budapest, car mechanic. Sister Margaret Szabadbattyány lives with his family. My father and brothers and sisters lived in Csepel. they live. / Stephen died, Francis retired. We are all proud of our ancestors are closer and more distant. Thank you!


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