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Direct descandant from count Drágh Rajcsányi (r.c.) of Rajcsány, 1255.

Veterans of the hungarian war of independence in year 1956 and of the National Guard.
National guard card issued in october 1956, Budapest, 2nd district Police station.

Member of the William Wallace society of Scotland.

Noble and  princely documents: 

Cross - leaf extract of 25/08/1840 for noble Mihály Rajcsányi of Perkáta, farmer, romer catolic.
Prince Gerorge Andronikov family tree.

My family tree of Perkáta : 

Tamás        Orsolya  

János          Helena
Pozsony county, Upper Hungary
Pozsony county, Upper Hungary
Tamás        Gyallay Katalin
*1705            *1707
    l                                 l                        l                      l                             l János          Katalin       Erzsébet          András              István                     Judit          *1727.02.08                  *1733           *1737.06.02      *1739.10.22       * 1741.09.20   Nagyigmánd                                           Tárkány          Nagyigmánd        Tárkány

                                                      Komárom county

János          Zsuzsánna
de Perkáta, Fejér county Central Hungary

János          Rózsa Katalin 
Ferenc        Bula Anna 
Mihály         Vida Juliánna      ( Attest of Babtism of Year 1840 )
János          Pulai Mária
János          Virányi Mária
     l                             l                              l
Mihály                     Katalin                Magdolna              Jura A.
 *1939 Bp. 2.ker.      *1936                 * 1933 x 2018       *1933 Belgrad,g.c.
Perkáta                                 husband Prince Jura  Andronikov 
et Buda                                         direct descendant from
                                                  Emperor of Eastern Rome, 
                                            Andronicus I. Komnénosz, ( 1183-1185 ).

r.c.  romer catholic
g.c.  greek  catholic

* Baptism
x Died





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