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Anna László

My name is Margy.  My home is in the state of Idaho in the United States.

My grandparents came to America in the early 1900's.  My grandfather, Julius Rakisits, (Rakidzic) from Serbia and my grandmother, Anna Laszlo, from Gan, Galanta, Slovakia.

They came over by ship. (at different times) They met at the Rothchild's home in Chicago, USA.  Anna was Mrs. Rothchild's personal maid and Julius worked for the foreign money ex-change in Chicago, USA.  Anna and Julius met at a Ball in the Rothchild's home.

My son, Nathan, and I do research on our family.  We just recently discovered that Anna Rajcsanyi is our third and fourth great grandmother. She married Petrus Laszlo.

Nathan found the baptisms of their children at The information came from a book entitled, "Slovakia Church and Synagogue Book 1592-1910." The children were baptized in Sladkovicovo, Galanta, Slovakia.  Juditha in 1818 and her brother, Joannes in 1824.  We were able to find many more of our family in this record also.

We are excited to belong to your family. We have cousins in Gan, Galanta Slovakia and a aunt in Velka Maca, Galanta, Slovakia. 

In 1989 I was able to visit with the family. I loved the beautiful country and the hospitality of the people.

I am married to Alvin, we have five married sons and fifteen grandchildren with another granddaughter expected in April 2013.



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