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In the next year, will appear here in this homepage the Rajcsányi Legend
also the history Earl of Bothwell and
José de Anchieta a jesuit missionary, he fundet Sao Paulo.


46 photos in the gallery can be seen from Upper Hungary, Felvidék.


Comes titel, means :

In latin, Earl

In hungarian, Bailiff


Dear family researcher,

I call your attention to, to take into account the fact that Slovakia, Yugoslavia, did not exist before the year 1920. Although it is Burgenland, Carpathian Ruthenia, Transylvania, Bánát and Bácska was part of Hungary which unbuckle from Hungary in 1920, the year.

An example: he was born in what is now Slovakia in the year 1920 before the person was born in Hungary and Hungarian citizens irrespective of the Felvidék ( Highlands ), such as that he was not at the time of the birth of Hungarian, but somme ethnic group.

                                                                   Rajcsányi Mihály

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