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The family's history during the recent period in Etelköz ( 8.century A.C. ) and after up to I. Bethlehem ( Comes I. Bethlehem de Koros ) temporarily removed from the site , due to data collection . When the data to disposition again , fully completed , in the recent period to realize again.

The straigth line

Korus got three great-great-grand sons Bethlehem, Echa and Paska.
Echa Móricz son was ancestor of the extinct family Korosy. I. Bethlehem de Koros before the Tatar invasion and during the invasion made great service to King IV. Béla including he helped the king host of run to Italy. After the Tatar have left the country and in the year 1244 the king has rewarded I. Bethlehem who assign his farm are Rajcsány, Szeptenc Ujfalu, Iluz, Dobozd, Szedelcsen, Keeth, Beke, Berencs, Lyuke, Ömür and Lipovnok in Nyitra county.
Bethlehem had three sons, Peter Bishop in Nyitra, Drágh who wrote his name by Rajcsány and was ancestor of this family. Mark who wrote his name by Szeptenc-Újfalu and his son Comes Samrak was ancestor of the family Szeptenszky. In year 1255 the Archbishop of Esztergom and his tax recovery proceedings initiated trial against I. Drágh. He has had four sons Dénes, II. Bethlehem, II. Drágh and II. Peter and a daughter Elizabeth wife of Governor Miklós. Three of the Brothers in the years 1298 who protest against Demeter Fekete (Demetrius Niger) Because he has occupied their country and confiscated their documents in Berencs. In 1330 II. Peter and his brother Bethlehem, instead Rajcsány splits in two. But this year, II. Peter, (who fought against Csak Máté of Trencsén), together with his son and Ipoly Governor Miklós clean out the party a rural area to Dán Belonging Erzsébet in Rajcsány. II. Bethlehem and II. Peter in the year 1325 provided their territories Also Koros, Kis Zelcsény and Illus their father's son Benedek Koncsek of deposit of gold. I. Dénes he has a daughter here name was Judit and married Aranyi Kakas Masters, the line here is broken. II. Bethlehem has had a son Jacab who was Provost of Fejérvár Klára and a daughter who was married with Bálint Dereski who were managed and thus the line was also broken. Ipoly, son of II. Peter he has two sons and I. György Miklós. I. György he was the manager of Nyitra county and Miklós He was ancestor of the other branch of family, see Family Tree. I. György he has five sons Gergely, II. Dénes, I. János, Solomon and Mátyás. Mátyás He was ancestor of the branch of family in Bars county. I. János he indents the line forward in Rajcsány and have a son István I. who was the king kept in Nyitra county. I. István he has two sons II. George, who fell at the Battle of Mohács 1526, and I. Boldizsár took the straight line further. I. Boldizsár 's son III. Peter and his son, I. Pál which has left a testament in the 1616th I. Pál 's son I. Imre he was being managed for Nyitra county. His son, I. Adam and grandson IV. Peter, who has indent the line further. Out of IV. Peter's three sons II. Ádám He was government adviser and Hungarian first state archivist. But the line was continued by V. Peter. Here is the straight line was broken, due to lack of documents. One thing is proven with certainty that Bálint lived in Rajcsány and has renewed the Church in 1826, of its own funds. Likewise, he has built a chapel there. The place is a famous pilgrimage site today.
It is worth noting that the limitations in Nemes Kosztolány (now Zemianske Kostoµany), Bars county, János He was head of the Jesuit monastery in Kolozsvár around the year 1716 and his brother György in years 1734-1737.
Rajcsányi Pál, he has sold the country in  Rajcsány to Erhard Konold Fridrich, in year 1872nd.
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